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Why Choose Beaver Logs

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    We are Woodsure approved.

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    All of our logs are 100% locally sourced and help the local economy as well as saving wasted fuel on imported logs.

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    We only sell logs that comes from a Kiln (oven) where the logs achieve a 15% moisture reading before we offer them for sale. The same EVERYTIME.

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    Our logs are cut to 9 inch (25cm) EVERYTIME. and no branches, consistently straight, READY TO USE.

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    We only deliver in our own branded bags of the same size every time.

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    We aim to deliver to your door and not your drive, the bags go on our NEW barrow system and only access and terrain will stop us we need 1m access only. The bags are yours so they can be left standing full in your building, EVERYTIME.

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    Recycle, if you want us to take the bags back after you have finished with them then we will send them for Recycling FREE of charge


Beaver Biomass



Do your bit for the environment, burning logs does produce carbon, however by buying from sustainable sources where re planting is done then the whole process is Carbon Neutral. this is only possible if you are buying locally sourced wood from sustainable sources and not using vast amounts of fuel importing wood from eastern Europe.


Most logs are sold as “seasoned” which means different things to different people, and it is always just guesswork as to how dry the wood really is. KILN DRIED means the logs are oven dried down to a precise moisture content, which is then known and declared, in our case it is 15%.


Dry Hard wood has many benefits over soft wood, Being more dense than soft woods you require less logs to produce the same amount of heat. They produce a cleaner burn and do not produce toxic tars that soft woods produce, which can be corrosive and dirty. They do NOT spark in open fires.


Mixed hardwood, Oak Ash and Silverbirch, giving you long and steady burn with maximum heat.


YES no cutting, sawing or drying needed.
YES they are KILN DRIED down to 15% but then they will take on moisture from the atmosphere, but we will not sell any logs above 20% moisture.



In dumpy bags that are bigger than most measuring 85 x 85 x 85 cm

Within 7 days, BUT always by appointment 
Can be left in the bags with a simple cover to stop the rain. The best is a covered but ventilated store.

NEVER buy logs buy weight, always by volume. BEWARE of buying by weight as you WILL end up with expensive water!! A cubic meter of 20% moisture logs will weigh approximately 250kg. They WILL NOT weigh a tonne as some people say, unless they are very wet!!

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What our Customers Think...

“Brilliant service, excellent value for money, highly recommended.”


"Great service and fantastic dry logs. At last a great supplier. Cheers Bob"

Robert Graham

"Fantastic fast & friendly service. Couldn’t have squeezed another log in the bag - great value, great logs."

Alison Buchanan

"Brilliant company to deal with and the logs are first class I would highly recommend them"

Julie McKerron

"Delivered right up to back door on specially made barrow,absolutely brilliant service.Logs best ever ,you must try the briquettes as well Scott"

SD's Street Kitchen

"Received my first order of kiln dried wood this morning. Excellent! Bob delivered when he said he would. Fire on and logs burn a treat."

Elaine Gardner