About Us

Who are Beaver Logs?

Our aim is to provide a “ Clear / Transparent business  to CONSISTENTLY deliver what you expect EVERY time in a Friendly and efficient way.

The business was born out of Frustration  of NOT being able to know what I was buying and the inconsistency of :


Wet Logs

How dry is “air” dried or “seasoned”  especially in our unpredictable summers.



A lot of logs are supplied in sizes that need more processing. Our logs are ready to go



100% hardwood or softwood, no rubbish, never mixed.


Method of delivery

Usually tipped on the road side so when you come home from work on a wet night you have them all to get in.

Essentially the fire wood business is largely an unregulated cash business with lots of smoke and mirrors!!

Our logs are transferred to a barrow system and brought onto your property



Is usually a “trailer” load, means nothing, if it is by bags they all claim “cubic meter ”bags, most are 750 to 850cm. We use our own purpose made Branded Bags of the same size Every time, meaning around .5 to .6 of a meter, people think that a few centimetres short of the 1000 will make a small difference, have a play with a calculator!!


I only sell logs that comes from a Kiln (oven) where they logs achieve a 15% moisture reading before we offer them for sale. The same EVERYTIME.


Our logs are 9" inch, everyone is split and no branches, consistently straight, READY TO USE EVERYTIME.


Our hardwood and softwood logs are 100% kiln dried, burns with a pleasant consistent glow, EVERYTIME.


We only deliver in large bags of 850 x850 x850 cm, same bag same size, EVERYTIME.


We aim to deliver to your door and not your drive, the bags go on our NEW barrow system and only access and terrain will stop us we need 1m access only. The bags are yours so they can be left standing full in your building, EVERYTIME.

We are a company that can be trusted to deliver  what you expect, when you expect it, at an agreed price, nothing hidden, no surcharges or extras, our price includes delivery, which also means weekends and bank holidays. It also includes VAT at 5%, it also includes the cost of the bag and method of payment to suit you. Simple transparent and trust worthy , see the reviews on Facebook.

We offer many methods of payment from cash, bank transfers or Paypal.

We offer on line or free phone methods of contact.