Customer Reviews

Just some of the 5* reviews from our happy customers

Violet Quesnel

"Received a delivery of logs from Bob at Beaver Logs this morning. Excellent dry logs burning beautifully in the stove, I am so very happy with the quality and service I will be buying all my logs from Bob in the future. Really great professional service and the best value."

Mary Young

"Fantastic service. Bob even delivered our logs during the snowy weather even though he had to dig his way out. Logs are the best we have tried, properly dry and burn amazing and give a fantastic heat."

Michelle Heap

"Brilliant service, excellent value for money, highly recommended."

Susan Richardson

"By far the best logs we've used. Dry, long burning with good even heat. Very impressed and very happy I would highly recommend."

Alexsandra Thompson

"Fantastic service, friendly and professional, the barrow bags are perfect, straight through the house, no mess, no fuss. Will definitely re order. Thank you"

Robert Graham

"Great service and fantastic dry logs. At last a great supplier. Cheers Bob"

Alison Buchanan

"Fantastic fast & friendly service. Couldn’t have squeezed another log in the bag - great value, great logs."

Zeta Cassidy

"Absolutely wonderful logs - Cant believe how different logs are - some are so damp they take ages to light and make your glass door black. Beaver logs - I must say - are the best we have ever used - look wonderful (all the same size - especially if stacking by the fire, very pleasing to the eye. They burn beautifully and give off a gorgeous flame and glow - look so nice, lovely to watch them burn. Would thoroughly thoroughly recommend"

Danny Smith

"Fantastic service from Bob. The logs are really well dried Birch, and not the usual wet crappy pine we get in this area. They are perfectly cut at 9 inches and great for stacking. Bob has a brilliant system, the large bags are hoisted onto a a big custom designed barrow, and he then takes them all the way to your wood shed and places the bags there. His prices are better than local and this is a well thought out log business. I will be using from now on and suggest you all give Beaver logs a try. Thanks Bob."

Gavin Halley

"Just had my first delivery of logs from Beaver logs - They burn amazingly well on the stove. You can tell instantly that the wood is proper dry - I cheated and managed to light a roaring fire with two logs and one small firelighter - no kindling ! Delivered right into the garage by Bob - no lifting or stacking required !"

Graham McCulloch

"Excellent service, brilliant quality of log. What a nice experience talking to Bob, such a lovely guy. Would highly recommend buying from Beaver Logs."

Elaine Gardner

"Received my first order of kiln dried wood this morning. Excellent! Bob delivered when he said he would. Fire on and logs burn a treat."

Ross Nimmo

"First logs i had were from Bob went elsewhere since although cheaper you get what you pay for and these logs burn great I've learned how to manage them,same heat by turning the fire down.The logs are uniform size, the bark is brilliant for kindling and the bag and amount are the same every time.I messaged and phoned on the Friday night Bob got the logs to me first thing on Saturday great service from a genuine guy who's more than happy to help you out (I give more notice next time)"

Julie McKerron

"Brilliant company to deal with and the logs are first class I would highly recommend them"

Sue MacMillan

"Five star logs with five star service. Cannot recommend highly enough, and our new stove is also very grateful, judging by the clean burn and terrific output. Always nice to do business with someone so passionate about their work too. We wish Beaver Logs every success."

SD's Street Kitchen

"Delivered right up to back door on specially made barrow,absolutely brilliant service.Logs best ever ,you must try the briquettes as well Scott"