We now deliver to the following postcodes-

G61/G62/G63 (only certain parts)

Please call our freephone number 08007734249 for delivery to these areas


How much for Delivery?

Up to 25 miles – FREE
25.1-30 miles – £10
30.1-40 miles – £15
40.1-48 miles – £20

48-50 miles – £25

50+ call for a quote

How can I pay?

You can pay by Paypal, BACS transfer, cash on delivery, on card over the phone or our driver will have a card machine to process payment.

Why burn logs?

Do your bit for the environment. Burning logs does produce carbon, but if you buy from sustainable sources where replanting takes place then the whole process becomes Carbon Neutral. This is only possible if you buy locally sourced and sustainable wood rather than using imported wood from places such as Eastern Europe.

Why burn Kiln Dried Logs?

Most logs are sold as “seasoned” but it’s just guesswork as to how dry the wood really is. KILN DRIED means the logs are oven dried down to a precise moisture content and in our case, it is 15%. 

What type of wood?

We sell mixed hardwood, Oak, Ash and Silver Birch, giving you long and steady burn with maximum heat.  

Are your logs dry?

Our logs are kiln dried, packed and stored to maintain a 15% moisture content from depot to your door. 

What size are the logs?

Our logs are evenly split and cut to a standard 9-inch length, ensuring a consistent glow and heat.  

How are the logs delivered?

Logs are delivered in dumpy bags measuring 85 x 85 x 85 centimetres.  

Do your logs meet Woodsure standards?

Yes. We are a certified producer of Woodsure approved wood fuel products and meet all their rigorous quality standards.  

Do you charge VAT?

Cut logs are treated in the same way as other domestic fuel supplies, such as Gas and Electricity, and are therefore subject to VAT at 5%. This is included in our advertised prices. 

How long will delivery take?

We aim to deliver within 7 days from order, and always by appointment. 

How should I store the logs?

Logs can be left in their bags with a simple cover to protect them from rain. Ideally, logs should be kept in a ventilated store. 

How much do the log bags weigh?

Our large dumpy bags weigh approximately 250 kg (550 lbs). You should always buy logs by volume not by weight. 

Fire Pits. Order your fire pit directly from us! Beaver Logs
Fire Pits. Order your fire pit directly from us! Beaver Logs
Box 1

Stock up on quality logs.

Box 1

Stock up on quality logs.

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