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Information about us and our promise to you.


Frustrated by the poor practices adopted by many of our competitors, we’ve been determined right from the start to provide customers with a better quality and more trustworthy service. This is why we can guarantee:

  • Logs that are kiln dried to a consistent moisture level – whatever the time of year
  • Ready to use, evenly sized logs, each cut to a standard length
  • 100% hardwood logs or softwood logs – no rubbish and never mixed
  • Deliveries to your door – no dumping on roadsides or driveways
  • Consistent quantities, sold by volume not by weight

Our investment in the latest processes, packaging and delivery methods ensure we’re a company you can rely on. Our logs are ideal for wood burning stoves or open fires and because they’re kiln dried and cut to a standard size, they burn more evenly, brightly and cleanly than unprocessed logs. They can also be used commercially in clay or brick pizza ovens, providing an even distribution of heat every time.

So, why use Beaver Logs?

  1. Only when our kiln dried logs achieve a 15% moisture level do we offer them for sale.
  2. We only sell straight, evenly split logs, all 9 inches in length and ready to use.
  3. All our hardwood logs and softwood logs are 100% kiln dried to provide a consistent, bright glow every time.
  4. Every bag we deliver is 85 x 85 x 85 cm in size, which you can keep for storing your logs until they’re needed.
  5. Our unique barrow system means we can deliver direct to your door or storage area. We only need 1 metre for access.

Our Promise to you

No hidden extras

We are a company that can be trusted to deliver what you expect, when you expect it, at the agreed price with no hidden surcharges or extras.

Delivery included

Delivery is FREE for the first 25 miles. Charges only apply for distances over 25 miles.

No Quibble Refunds

We will refund your order in full if, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with our products or service.

Methods of payment

We accept payments by cash, bank transfers or PayPal. All payments include the cost of the bags or packaging.


Up to 25 miles – FREE
25-30 miles – £6
30-35 miles – £8
35-40 miles – £10
40-45 miles – £14
45-50 miles – £16
50+ call for a quote
Logs in a Box. Delivered to anywhere in the UK | Beaver Logs
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Logs in a Box

Delivered to anywhere in the UK.

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Order your fire pit directly from us!

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